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Senior Citizen Services
This program enables seniors and the homebound in our community to feel the comfort and security of knowing that they have not been forgotten.

There are countless seniors who find themselves alone and lonely, often with nobody to whom they can turn to for help with their daily needs. Shopping becomes a hurdle too difficult to overcome. When we receive calls from neighbors, friends or often from the seniors themselves they are in a desperate state in need of physical and emotional support. Our senior visitation program steps in providing a listening ear and a caring heart.

Women and men of all ages volunteer to bring a measure of comfort to our aging population and by doing so find that they have enriched their own lives.

Mrs. S., a holocaust survivor, witnessed untold horrors in her lifetime. When she was in her mid-twenties the war ended and she courageously rebuilt her shattered life. With so many hurdles behind her she now sits alone, for her children live in distant cities. She desperately needs a human touch, someone who will sit for a while and allow her to share her memories. We sent a Bikur Cholim volunteer, Mrs. M. to fill the void.  Mrs. M. has found the grandmother she never had and so deeply missed, a grandmother who did not survive the holocaust.
Bikur Cholim Partners in Health:
Health Info &
Center for Applied Psychology
The Center for Applied Psychology (CAPs)-Bikur Cholim's comprehensive mental
health division - offers a

full range of high quality clinical services andprograms
to the community.
Yedi Chesed provides an array of services to individuals, both children and adults, with developmental disabilities and their family members.
Founded to bring enjoyment to the hospitalized or homebound patients, Project H.O.P.E. is the realization of an often overlooked need within our community.

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