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About Bikur Cholim
Bikur Cholim Partners In Health

Founded in 1981, Bikur Cholim has evolved into a multi-faceted organization, uniquely positioned to meet the ever-evolving needs of the Rockland community and beyond.

Under the able leadership of Rabbi Simon Lauber and his staff, Bikur Cholim provides a wellspring of innovative health-related services. Based in Rockland County, New York, it reaches hospitals and individuals throughout the greater New York City area, nationally and internationally, fielding phone calls from individuals seeking advice and medical referrals. Through our Center for Applied Psychology, we assist those in need of mental health support with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism. Our sister agency, Yedei Chesed, brilliantly addresses the myriad challenges of the developmentally disabled and their families. Recently, we have launched a campaign dedicated to the prevention of health-related problems, through testing, public awareness programming and a variety of educational initiatives.

Bikur Cholim is recognized by the New York State Department of Health, and is the recipient of many citations and awards..

Dear Friend,

Every person is faced with life’s challenges. My turn came in 1980 when I was hospitalized. Lying helpless and feeling isolated, I decided that were I to survive this ordeal I would dedicate the remainder of my life to helping others in their time of illness and duress.

What was once just a dream has become a reality beyond my greatest expectations. With the purpose of bringing comfort and easing the anxiety and pain of patients and their families our “Chicken Soup Express” has expanded to meet the countless needs of our growing community. Bikur Cholim Partners in Health, which started as a one-man operation in a tiny basement office has catapulted into the new millennium with a staff off eighty-five employees and hundreds of volunteers who strive relentlessly to ease the often overwhelming burdens suffered by the ill and their families.

And it is you, the community at large who have made all this possible and it is to you, to my staff, and to the countless volunteers that I owe a debt of gratitude. Your unstinting support has enabled Bikur Cholim to respond to the needs of a baby, born with a disability that requires intensive therapy; a child diagnosed with cancer undergoing debilitating treatments; a young boy injured critically in a car accident; a young mother diagnosed with breast cancer or a father suffering massive heart failure leaving a family alone and distraught.

But as the cries of our brethren continue and increase, so does our commitment to ease their pain, both physical and emotional. To this end we need your help. I ask you, at a time when we are witness to so much suffering worldwide to be our Partners in Health and together we will continue our precious work alleviating to some degree the anguish of our brothers and sisters.

In the merit of your support may you be blessed with immeasurable rewards.


Rabbi Simon Lauber

Bikur Cholim Partners in Health:
Health Info &
Center for Applied Psychology
The Center for Applied Psychology (CAPs)-Bikur Cholim's comprehensive mental
health division - offers a

full range of high quality clinical services andprograms
to the community.
Yedi Chesed provides an array of services to individuals, both children and adults, with developmental disabilities and their family members.
Founded to bring enjoyment to the hospitalized or homebound patients, Project H.O.P.E. is the realization of an often overlooked need within our community.

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