Since 1981, under the able leadership of Rabbi Simon Lauber and his staff, Bikur Cholim has provided a wellspring of innovative health-related services. Based in Rockland County, New York, it reaches hospitals and individuals throughout the greater New York City area, nationally and internationally, fielding phone calls from individuals seeking advice and medical referrals. Through our Achieve Behavioral Health we assist those in need of mental health support with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism. Recently, we have launched a campaign dedicated to the prevention of health-related problems, through testing, public awareness programming and a variety of educational initiatives.


The Bikur Cholim house at Good Samaritan was a real comfort to us when my father was in the hospital for his final stay in November. Besides for the Shabbos food and the relaxing accommodations, the private room gave us somewhere to go with our grief when my father passed away on Friday night. This was very helpful in easing the shock and pain. My brother and I were able to take turns being with the niftar and retreating to our own private quarters. The experience would not have been the same without Bikur Cholim’s supportive services.

-Y. S. Monsey, NY

Bikur Cholim was a huge help when my wife and I were stuck in Good Sam hospital on Shabbos Chanuka to give birth. We had no time to get provisions and we had a fully stocked home with beds and food and Chanuka licht, and the soup was delicious too!

-Heshy Friedman Wesley Hills, NY

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